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Mandatory vaccination in France

Momchil Baev


Here are briefly the  highlights of his statement, summarised by Le Monde:

Mandatory vaccination for all  medical workers in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes,  as well as for volunteers caring for the elderly.  This group has until  15 September to be vaccinated.  For those who have not been rescued, there will be “control and sanctions.” Medical workers        who are  not vaccinated  until 15 September will not be allowed to work  and receive their monthly wages,”  the  Minister of  Olivier Veran.

Since the beginning of August  , the scope of t.  2015- 2 passe sanitaire (book.  from fr.  a negative  test or completed vaccination  process). This document will be  mandatory throughout  the French territory for access  to all “entertainment and culture venues”,  where more  than 50 people gather.  This includes bars, restaurants, shopping centers, trains, planes, hospitals and nursing  homes.  The health pass is available     electronically through the  Tous anti COVID application,  which is France’s  main  tool  for informing the population and controlling the scale of the pandemic .

Speeding up vaccinations and expanding  the vaccination campaign from Sept.  The scope  of the communication campaign will  be expanded from September  to speed up vaccination of the young population.  Also, a new  re-vaccination  campaign will be addressed to the  first vaccinated citizens, in January and February 2021. “For    those who were first vaccinated  , i.e  . in January and February, and whose antibodies have decreased, there will be a special campaign to allow them to  new  vaccine.”

End of free SGP tests  from Sept.  Currently in France, SGP tests are covered by the health fund, regardless of the motive of those wishing to be tested.  From September, however, SGP tests will be free only if  a doctor’s  prescription is available.  The aim of this measure is “to encourage people to get vaccinated instead of doing  countless tests,” Macron added.

Tightening border  controls  for citizens entering France  from a country at risk.  For these people, there will be mandatory isolation for a certain period of time if they are not vaccinated.

*To date,  according to  Le Monde, 35,944,194 people have received at least one dose of the  vaccines and 27,910,188  people have completed the vaccination process since  the start of  the campaign  December 2020.


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