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Bulgaria’s future public development depends on numerous factors, one of them being the preservation and popularization of art and cultural, as well as cultural and historical heritage in its various forms. 


The millennial traditions in society’s cultural development coming from the time of the First Bulgarian State and the preservation and dissemination of Slavonic literacy and culture are significant prerequisites for its continuing development in the upcoming nearly 1300 years until nowadays. 

The establishment and strengthening of the Third Bulgarian Kingdom, the subsequent communist regime and turbulent democratic changes created the foundations of the rapidly changing, adapting and significant to the researchers cultural environment. Subject of our research work is the Bulgarian military and governance history in the XX century, which is directly interrelated with the historical development. 

An important part of cultural and economic development are the various groups of society, hence our research work is focused on life, social, cultural and economic development of Jewish and other communities in our country. From a modern point of view, the past 150 years are subject of searches and constant interpretations whose systematic and analytical review are part of Astra Forum Foundation’s activity. 

The preservation of tangible cultural heritage, as well as the large insufficiently studied documentary massifs are almost non-exhaustive sources of knowledge and wisdom, whose modern review would contribute for the reconciliation with our modern history and its objective evaluation.  

The preservation and socialization of this heritage which during this long period of time was created across our lands, is also a supreme value and is worth special attention that our team materializes. 


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