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Health is one of the main factors that predefine welfare of society and its sustainable development. Despite decades of reforms in the Healthcare sector in Bulgaria, the share of dissatisfied population remains a significant portion. 


Healthcare is not an isolated phenomenon of the public-political processes of change in recent decades. The overall population’s health status is defined by a number of determinants which make it face      numerous significant challenges. Bulgarian healthcare system follows the population’s needs and demands, however it does not fully cover them. 

Chronic diseases are among the main challenges when it comes to Healthcare. Whereas in the circumstances of global epidemics infectious diseases remain within the focus of national and international institutions. The various pathogens of pandemic potential today pose even a bigger threat to the national and international security, as well as to the well-being of our communities. Counteracting it should be done at all public levels with the participation of experts, political figures, citizens and civil organizations. 



The organization works on the issues of public health, preventive, and social medicine, as well as vaccine preventable diseases. The expertise of the Astra Forum Foundation is supported by an Advisory Council, which includes researchers and practitioners in various fields of science, including medicine. Among the main tasks supporting the mission and objectives is the work on the national immunization calendar – mandatory and recommended immunizations and those applied under national programs.

A diverse set of activities applies the team of the organization throughout the country:

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