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VI Scientific and Practical Conference "Prevention, Diagnosis and Therapy in Childhood"

A part of Astra Forum Foundation’s team and the platform Science in Crisis united to take part in the Sixth Scientific and Practical Conference under the title of “Prevention, Diagnosis and Therapy in Childhood and Adolescent Age”, which was held at the initiative of The Logartis Foundation and Arbilis Ltd., together with the Bulgarian Scientific Society of Pharmacy and the National Association of General Practitioners in Bulgaria, in the period 28 April – 1 May 2022 in Sunny Beach resort.

Momchil Baev, D.M., and Lyudmila Paneva presented research data on the topic “Immunization scope against COVID-19 in childhood 5-18 years in Bulgaria”, which is the work of the following author team: Momchil Baev, MD, Assac. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Angel Kunchev, PhD., Georgi Stoilchev, Lyudmila Paneva, Mario Petrov, Dimitar Ferdinandov. The number of children vaccinated in Bulgaria by the end of March 2022 is 25 563. The lowest is the immunization range in the Haskovo region – only 3.46% from the children’s population. Other areas with similar low scores were Vidin (4.00%), Montana (3.61%), Pazardzhik (3.97%), Smolyan (3.95%) and Targovishte (3.81%). The highest is the immunization range in Sofia-grad (15.02%), and on average for the country – 7.74%.

The most modern and often problematic diagnostic and therapeutic cases in children were presented well from several different perspectives of a multidisciplinary team of pediatricians, narrow specialists in different areas of children’s health: surgeons, pharmacologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, infectious disease specialists, traumatologists, neonatologists, specialists in fetal medicine and imaging, etc. The aim of the conference is not only to present up-to-date information on health problems in childhood (arterial hypertension, obesity, injuries, allergies or pneumonias, etc.), but also to turn into an open discussion about the latest achievements in the field, to discuss various therapeutic schemes, and to build lasting contacts in order to provide the best and modern assistance to patients.

A standalone scientific session was dedicated to COVID-19 in childhood, where various specialists presented recent breakthroughs in the treatment of coronavirus, comorbidities in this viral infection, as well as the experience of various medical institutions in the country with Multisystem Inflation syndrome in children (MIS-C). Data on myocardial changes in children over the course of COVID-19 and the efficacy and safety of COVID vaccines in childhood were also presented based on real clinical practice.

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