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Seminar with general practitioners in Kyustendil

A seminar with outpatient care doctors, part of a series of professional seminars on improving communication skills in communicating with patients who mistrust and doubt the COVID-19 vaccines, took place in Kyustendil.

The doctors from Kyustendil had the opportunity to get acquainted with the different psychological types of people they meet in their practice. They mastered different techniques on how to talk to these patients.  The first part of the discussion was under the guidance of the psychologist Georgi Todorov.

During the second part of the discussion, leading role had Prof. Dr.Sc.(Econ.) Radostina Alexandrova. She described all viruses, carrying the potential creating another pandemic. During her presentation , Prof. Alexandrova drew  attention to the technology used in developing the COVID-19 vaccines which are based on mRNA.  By the end of the event, she also noted the so-called “long COVID-19” as a future challenge for the health system, outlining its symptomatology.

The discussion is organized by the Astra Forum Foundation and is carried out with the support of the Ministry of Health (in the face of RHI-Kyustendil), and partners are the Bulgarian Medical Union, the National Association of General Practitioners in Bulgaria, the WHO and UNICEF representations in Bulgaria and others.

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