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Our long term initiative “School of Vaccines”, which is in partnership with the Ministry of Health and UNICEF Bulgaria, continues.

On February 28th (Tuesday) at 18:30 we have prepared our next webinar from the series, which will be held in Credo Web.

The topic will be “Implementation of the immunization calendar in 2022”

We will focus on the accomplished, but also on what is not accomplished in the national immunization calendar. We will present data for unwanted reactions after vaccination, and we will also discuss various questions and causes, which we identified in social media.

Certainly, during the discussion, and after it, everyone can ask questions. Momchil Baev, MD, Dr. Kremena Parmakova, MPharm Bogdan Kirilov, Dr. Hristiana Batselova will be the lecturers at the event.


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