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Third day of the "Christmas Workshop"

On the 16th, 17th and 18th of December the team of Astra Forum Foundation organized a creative “Christmas Workshop” for Ukrainian children. The three-day event aimed to bring together many Ukrainian refugee children. The integration of people who have left their homes is one of the important missions of Astra Forum Foundation, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Asylum Migration and Integration Fund.


During the brightest holidays of the year, every child deserves to enjoy the fairy tale of the good old man who travels around the globe for just one night together with his flying reindeer to give presents to everyone. Many Ukrainian children as well as Bulgarian children were present at the event. They had fun together, helped each other and played, immersed in the magical atmosphere of the celebration. The Astra Forum Foundation provided all the necessary materials for making Christmas cards and letters to the good old man. A child psychologist, an educator and an interpreter were also present during the event. During the first two days of the “Christmas Workshop” the children designed various holiday cards, greeting cards and decorations.

The third and last day of the event was really special. The kids wrote their letters to Santa. The children wrote on the cards their most cherished wishes and decorated them with sequins and drawings, making them real masterpieces of art. 

After that came the dancers from Lindy Hop Bulgaria. They taught the children various dance steps. Then they arranged them into choreographies which they performed together. The team of Lindy Hop Bulgaria played different games with the children. The games were chosen to combine developing coordination, focusing skills and of course, reminded them that every game has its own rules that must be followed.


Towards the end of the workshop we had a visit from Santa Claus. He arrived together with his helper Snow White. They were joyfully welcomed by the children with hugs and smiles. The good old man gave out gifts to all of them. Santa and Snow White took the Christmas letters and put them away in a safe place so they could later hand them to the elves to make the presents. The children delighted the good old man with their poems and songs. Santa left only after he made sure that everyone had received their present. 

In spite of the cold weather outside, everyone’s heart was filled with warmth and joy. The three-day “Christmas Workshop” made everyone happy. Friendships were formed and the celebration left lasting happy memories. The true spirit of the holiday season is about making others happy. Astra Forum Foundation organized the event with the objective of integration of Ukrainian children and providing information about access to education and healthcare.

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