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Participation of “Astra Forum” Foundation in ICMS

Within the period of 25th – 28th of April 2024 the International Congress of Medical Sciences for students, young doctors and post-graduate students was held (International Congress of Medical Sciences – ICMS). This was its twentieth edition. This year, “Astra Forum” Foundation actively participated in it with a counter and workshop related to communication between a doctor and a patient, and its relation to mental health of medical specialists, led by Momchil Baev, doctor of medicine.

At Foundation’s counter, all the participants had the opportunity to get to know its activity, and the topics it works on – vaccine prophylactics, communication between a doctor and a patient, and improvement of mental health of medical specialists. The lottery with prizes and materials of “Astra Forum” Foundation was part of counter’s activities. Also, the focal point was on invitation for inclusion in the Third National Conference on vaccine preventable diseases that would be held within the period of the 8th – 10th of November 2024, “Metropolitan” hotel. 10 of the participants had the opportunity to take advantage of per cent discount when getting registered for the forum.

During the second day of the congress, Momchil Baev, doctor of medicine – founder and chairman of “Astra Forum” foundation presented the workshop before medical students. Among them there was a student from Greece and the workshop was held in English language. Doctor Baev introduced the participants to the essence of the topic, the unique challenges of medicine and difficulties in the day-to-day communication of doctor and patients. Doctor Baev presented data from Foundation’s research related to quality of life and mental health of doctors, as well as the steps undertaken by the team of “Astra Forum” in the direction towards improving the mental condition of medical specialists in the country. The participants in the workshop were quite active and asked doctor Baev questions. They shared their impressions from their first steps in their career.

On the last day of the forum, the interest towards the counter was as high as ever. In addition to the Bulgarian participants, Foundation’s activities were presented before foreign students from numerous countries. During the day, we defined the winners of the lottery. The winners got backpack with materials by Momchil Baev, doctor of medicine.

ICMS was visited by more than 450 medical students from all around the world in 75 workshops. The highlight of the raised topics is on innovations in medicine and the newest treatment approaches. The presented topics are in the following categories: Internal medicine, Surgery, preclinical sciences and Public health. All this turns it into one of the largest conferences in Europe. 

We would like to thank the hosts from the Association of Medical Students in Bulgaria – Sofia for the invitation to participate and the opportunity to be partners once again.

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