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Attention, medical specialists! Your mental health is important! Mental well-being of medical specialists is a topic that cannot be neglected. Those who work in the healthcare sector oftentimes face huge stress, emotional exhaustion, public expectations and huge administrative responsibilities whereas all this impacts their mental health.

Pathway to the solution:

“Astra Forum” Foundation holds a research aimed at improving mental health of the medical personnel and preventing the impact of the abovementioned challenges. If you fill in the questionnaire, you could help us assess quality of life, health and various aspects of your personal and professional life. Your participation would be essential!

This is what you need to know:

  1. If you are a health professional, please fill in the questionnaire that will take you couple of minutes.
  2. Rest assured your answers are completely confidential. 
  3. Should you find a question whose answer you are not sure of, just choose the option that seems closest to your current feelings. Oftentimes the initial instinctive reaction is the most precise.

Why should you participate?

  1. Your contribution could directly impact the elaboration of programs and initiatives in supporting health professionals just like you.
  2. While sharing your experience, you help us cast light on challenges the health professionals are facing and improve your awareness of mental health’s significance among health professionals.
  3. This opinion poll is an opportunity for you to consider your own well-being and performance at the workplace whereas it helps you get valuable information about areas that may need more attention or improvement. Let us together prioritize the mental health of medical workers!

Link to the Opinion poll

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