First national conference on vaccine-preventable diseases

Prof. Dr. Radka Argirova, renowned as one of the people most actively fighting for the development of vaccine against HIV, said that it is namely that product is the main challenge of the XXI century. The published statistics showed clearly that the newly HIV infected are 1.5 people. The efficient vaccine against HIV should contain all components of the immune system – humoral, cellular and mucous, it must mobilize the full protection against all viral types, which the vaccinated persons could encounter.
Prof. Georgi Momekov, Doctor of Pharmacy, chairman of the Bulgarian scientific association of pharmacy and head of department „Pharmacology, pharmacotherapy and toxicology”, presented a technology for development of vaccines against Lyme disease, oncological diseases, influenza, malaria and others. He explained that the future of vaccines, gene therapy and editing of the genome would most probably depend on the evolution of mRNA technologies.
Towards the end of the First conference on vaccine-preventable diseases, there was a wonderful proposition for positive campaign in the social networks. This campaign aims at clarifying the benefits and safety of the mandatory and recommended immunizations. Nowadays, vaccines can prevent 28 diseases. The need of such a campaign is conditioned by the low level of health literacy in the country.
Speaking of the future, of the survival of the mankind and about innovations, which permit this, I will finish off my article with a quote from prof. Radostina Aleksandrova: “We need such conferences!”

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